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How can I become a councillor?

If you care a lot about your community, or if there’s something you want to change, you can stand for election as a local councillor.

It is important councillors are as diverse as the people who elect them. This means we need more young people, more women, more people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities, more disabled people, and more LGBTQ+ people to stand for election.

When standing as a candidate, you’ll need to choose whether you want to stand for a political party or as an independent – this means you’re not linked to a political party.

If you want to stand for a political party, you’ll need to get in touch with the party’s local branch. This is because the party and its members will usually choose who can represent them at the local elections.

If you want to stand as an independent candidate, it is best to get some advice from different organisations, which can give you the information you’ll need. The Be a Councillor. Be the Change. website gives you information about being a councillor and how to become a councillor.

The Electoral Commission provides important information about standing in the local elections. This includes how to fill in the nomination papers which you’ll need to send to stand for election.

Your local council can give advice and information about standing for election. You could also get in touch with your current councillors, who can tell you what it’s like to be a councillor and what you’ll need to do.

You’ll need to send in your nomination forms by 4pm on 5th April to stand for election as a local councillor.

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Register to vote by 14th April 2022. If you don’t register in time, you won’t get to vote in the local elections on 5th May, and you won’t have your say in the future of your community.

Head over to the website to register to vote today. It only takes five minutes!

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