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What other ways can I get involved?

You might be really passionate about one particular party – in which case you can get involved in their election campaign and help them try to win more seats.

You could be calling voters, knocking on doors, delivering leaflets, or you could be sharing information online about what they stand for.

You might be really passionate about one policy in particular.

Let’s say recycling is something you really care about.

You can ask the candidates in your area what they would do if they were in power to increase recycling rates.

Do they have plans to tackle single use plastics, for example? You can e-mail them or contact them on social media.

Or you could find out about a local hustings event – a question and answer session where representatives from all parties turn up to be quizzed by local people.

How you amplify your voice is up to you.

You’ll be more persuasive if you keep it civil and based on evidence. For example, can you point to a good idea in another country that has already reduced plastic use?

Why not start a petition about it or share some content online with your friends?

Whatever you do, don’t let anyone tell you that what you think doesn't matter.
Camila Cabello
“Our votes mean more than they ever have before.” Camila Cabello

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