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Undeterred. Spoken word by Shannon Lee

24 Mar 2021

I’m Shannon, 23, and have been living in Wales for the past five years. Throughout my time at university and the years following, I’ve become increasingly more interested in Welsh politics, specifically the impact of younger voices. I truly believe that the youth of today are the voices of our future and I wanted the chance to encourage and promote engagement.

I’ve been so inspired by other young voices I’ve seen and heard in Wales, and wanted to get involved to further champion the voice of the youth. I wanted the opportunity to creatively express my view on politics in Wales, in a way that would hopefully resonate with other young people.


By Shannon Lee

Democracy, devolution, division, debate, discussion, diverse, dishonesty… Disengaged Why in a country where we want to empower the youth

Do we do everything to try and keep them hidden from the truth? In a nation that prides itself on the ‘youth of today’

Why do we limit, restrict, and censor their say?

Political parties need to take a step back

Assess their audience, rewrite their plan of attack.

Because there are over 70,000 new voices to be heard.

The youth of today are undeterred.

I was thinking back to years 7, 8, 9 even 10

Very little mention of politics and then…

And then we’re there, pen in hand, stood in the booth,

Trying to distinguish between what is a lie and what is the truth.

All this responsibility, just put in our hands

And the next thing you know… there’s all these plans.

What a difference it would make, just a little education

And then maybe we’d be filled with hope not frustration.

There are 70,000 new voices to be heard,

And the youth of today are undeterred.

So, we head to social media, try to establish the facts

But the fake news is spreading, it constantly distracts.

So, we go to their website where we’re met by this wall

The language used is not accessible at all.

It’s like they forgot us, the youth of today,

Like our voices didn’t matter, we didn’t deserve a say.

But let me tell you that our faith in politics needs to be restored

We need to come together and make a plan that we can both work towards. So don’t underestimate us, because we are only growing stronger And that view you might have of us; I assure you will be no longer. Our petitions, our protests, our passions will grow

Because our fight to be heard started a long time ago. And now there’s 70,000 new voices to be heard

The youth of today are undeterred.

So, if you’re listening, asking why should I care?

Let me remind you that your voice is rare.

You have the power to campaign for what’s right You have strength within you to fight.

We should be so proud to use our voices

Keep our heads held high and embrace our choices.  There are 70,000 new voices that will be heard

Because one thing’s for sure, the youth of today are undeterred.

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